What are small groups?

We aren’t created to be alone. Small groups consist of people who want to share life together. There are groups for men, women, co-eds, and more.

Why should you join a small group?


We need people around us so that we can share life together. Moreover, other people need you! A small group provides an opportunity for you to meet new people, learn their stories, and establish life-long friendships that edify and encourage.


Small groups provide an environment where you can ask questions and have great discussions about a wide range of biblical topics. Small groups are a way for you to study, learn, and grow in ways that you cannot do on your own or in a large group context.


The church is full of people with different life experiences. You encourage others by sharing your story of God’s faithfulness, and you are encouraged by learning about God’s faithfulness and provision in the lives of others.

Find a group for you.

Download our small group guide to find the best group for you.


Small Groups FAQ's

Where do small groups meet?

Groups meet at homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and on campus on Sunday mornings.

Is there childcare provided?

Childcare is an option depending on your small group

How often do small groups meet?

Small groups typically meet weekly or bi-weekly.